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The sofa is wrapped in natural cowhide, the length of the hair on the cowhide is between 1.5~2.5mm, the hair is soft and smooth, so that the user is like sitting on the vitality waves. The black walnut legs are simply coated with wood wax oil, preserving the natural texture of the wood. We deliberately highlight the texture and colour of the black walnut wood, so that the collision of roughness and smoothness forms this piece of work with the accumulation of time.


L1350x W760 x H670,S: H300



Care Instructions

1.Please use tissue paper or dry towel to absorb the liquid immediately after being contaminated, try not to use a wet towel to apply. Then use a fur cleaner to clean the dirt, then use a soft brush to brush in the direction of the hair several times, and finally use a clean towel to adsorb the cleaner. Blow dry with a hair dryer or let dry naturally.

2.You can use the fur soft care powder for maintenance, apply the care powder evenly on the hair and massage until fluffy, and finally use a soft brush to clean off the excess powder in the direction.

3.You can use the soft sponge or cloth to dipped in natural wood wax oil and apply to the surface of the wooden leg for maintenance.

4.Avoid prolonged ultraviolet sunlight.




As an accessory product of the Borderland collection, the fur elements of Pierre Jeanneret's furniture collection are extended, with concise, direct, almost "no design" as its basic language, and the seemingly unthinking structure of the wooden legs in harmony with the texture of the fur, which is a product of classic reinvention.

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