SINGCHAN DESIGN is a Guangzhou-based design studio committed to finding inspiration across civilizations and eras and reconstructing them through design. With the founder Sing Chan, we explore the relationship of lighting, furniture, and objects in their environments, creating works that connect the present and the past.


Used to be a busy port, Panyu is my exact birthplace.The hills, forests, rivers, historical buildings abandoned and electrical maintenance workshops in the neighborhood were once to be my paradise, where I was exposed to nature, craft, and architecture. A fascinated childhood as I spent there, the place Impressed me with the first view regarding the nature, hand-craft technics, and architecture, igniting the very beginning of the journey of my design. However, with the rise of the central city in recent decades, the town is now falling and deserted.

My past experience and environment influence my life in a way unconsciously, thus, particular changes led by development sorrows me. Questions remains still in my mind even though I have my feet set in different lands, and have myself immersed in other cultures. Were the situatedness of culture future to be vanished due to over-urbanization? What is exact meaning of high-facilitated universal modern city. Complicated, is as the process of urbanization, as well as the answer that I have been seeking for so long. But I deem it is superficial to judge urbanization simply. 

For those questions to be answered, on the prospects of a designers, l would like to practice by combining with the contemporary lifestyle and looking forward to devising novel and borderless vessels that inherit our priceless culture from the aspects of physical observation, structural and research that based on material.

I put my faith on the creative power of mankind, I believe objects are to be vessels of soul and energy, I suppose the belief we own transcend time, extending trace that we have been marking in the river of history.