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This work use electroplated stainless steel process, it is attached to a thin layer of wax on the surface, the user's touch of sweat, skin oils, scratches will leave traces on the surface and the trace will become a part of it, let it oxidised naturally, which will form the metal texture of the surface of it. Like the material that exists in nature, letting the outside world to create a connection with it, with the accumulation of time, this work has the breadth of time and marks as well, which is the state that the designer wants to express.


D360 x H1900



Care Instructions

1.In order to maintain the colour and gradual oxidation state of the metal, you need to regularly apply wax to the work for the maintenance, we recommend a 2-month cycle, you can use the common furniture protection wax on the market and soft texture of the cloth to wipe it.

2.The metal plating coating and wax coating on the surface of the work are resistant to the vast majority of alcoholic, juices, coffee, tea and other beverages. However, individual liquids with complex compositions and high oxidising PH acidity will cause damage to the plating coating when not handled promptly, resulting in the coating being irreparable, so please clean up promptly.



Inspired by the interaction between the ancient Egyptian building obelisks and the sun, the sculpture hanger with a full metal refracting surface will be reflected on the sculpture when the sun falls in the west or rises in the east on the same day. The near-parallel afterglow will reflect on the sculpture, giving the residence a glow. It is the light before night and before dawn, a sculpture furniture that integrates the past civilization, lives in the present and looks into the future.

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