It was initiated by the host SingChan, a visual project centred around the iconic light and shadow of the Fragment series, curated, filmed, and produced by director Chiem Zhang in a state of free creativity.

In the initial stages of communication, Sing mentioned his affinity for futurism and natural elements to Chiem, while engaging in free discussions and creative endeavors revolving around the surrounding environment. The aim was to present a sense of detachment, uncertainty, and sacredness through a blend of reality and illusion.

Chiem utilised water, sparks, and air as focal points, employing various materials and local elements for visual creation. In terms of music, classical melodies were juxtaposed with modern electronic tones, echoing the design philosophy of the series. The soundtrack was designed with waves resembling those from the depths of the universe as its foundation, enhanced with natural elements and ascending dynamics to imbue it with greater vitality.

Ultimately, these diverse creations accurately reflect the core aesthetic values of the Fragment series: light refraction, dynamic ethereality, and infinite extension. It represents a phase-wise reassessment of the series by the brand, presenting a more holistic outlook towards the future.

Simultaneously, the video will be showcased in the historical architecture of Villa Bagatti Valsecchi during the Alcova in Milan in April.

Duration: April 15th to April 21st, 2024

Location: Villa Bagatti Valsecchi

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 48, 20814 Varedo(MB), Italy

Room: S1

Director / Production :Chiem Zhang

Cinematographer:Wenbin He

Assistant Cinematographer:Guangming Li

Music :NatureBird

Preview Editor:Yixuan Zhou

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