Tiles  Collection / The brigde of modernity and tradition

Designer:Sing Chan
Stylist:Sing Chan
Photograpy:Sing Chan & CC




中国过快的经济发展,巨大的迭代落差使我们错失了与传统好好对话的机会,新浪潮冲击下,本土文化变得模糊,对自身文化的失焦普遍存在年轻人身上,是新一代人的共同困惑,是文化自信建立的障碍。 面对时代的冲突,传统文化的去留决定在于是否具备新价值。


The brigde of modernity and tradition

The rocketing economy and huge gap iterations have deprived us of the opportunity to have a better dialogue with traditional cultures, and under the bombardment of various cultures, local cultures have been blurred. The defocused perception of local cultures widely exists among young people. It is a common confusion shared by the new generation and an obstacle to building cultural confidence. In front of the conflicts of the times, the survival of a traditional culture depends on whether it possesses new value.



The first attempt to cooperate with lighting brands.”Tile” is an ancient architectural material that originates in China. It is now widely used across the globe and has become part of the emotional memories of many. We try to express these memories with a contemporary lexicon and bring it to the modern lifestyle, giving life to a new collection of lighting products and space inspired by the layering form of tiles.




“As the autumn sun fell at dusk, red tiles glimmered, and the golden beam sat right on the rooftop. Although the autumn breeze was calling me into the house, I kept standing in the courtyard to wait for that moment. The sky darkened, it became a blazing vermillion, and vanished. “

“That is one of my fond memories of home.”













I was curious about everything around me in childhood. I had a special affection for tiles, because I often fiddled with them. As unforgettable things in my growth, tiles are bound to turn into inspiration, making me reflect on them from multiple perspectives.Duplication, stacking, spinning, derivation and type systematization based on the radian of the side of the tile.





Test its light sensitivity and aesthetics during the development process.





Area: 54㎡
address: Hong Kong International Lighting Fair
Designer:Sing Chan
Photograpy:Sing Chan & SAVIA




Tile, an ancient and universal building materials, originated from China over 1000 BC, is an essential building materials for ancient houses, is the basis of the ancient Chinese “home”.With the rapid development of technology, the traditional way of making “tiles” and the high maintenance cost make this building material out of step with The Times. It only exists in certain projects, so that it can be transformed into something in line with the current wave, which may regenerate the tradition.





From the side arrangement of the tiles, we can get the flow inspiration of the exhibition space. The highly recursively and staggered arcs form small buildings that attract people’s attention. We try a new attitude of traditional iteration, and use the height of space and products to match to present the vein of the brand.




The layout of the rotary development attracts the eyes of the four sides, while the center and the inside are new products.



The layout of backflow allows 54㎡ to fully present numerous products, but also highlights the brand characteristics.